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Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) is a merged entity as from January 2013, and is registered as a non-profit company under the South African Companies Act, No 71 of 2008 as amended. The merger is a result of the institutional review process of the City of Johannesburg.

Service Delivery Agreement [pdf 4.3mb]
Between The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municpality and Johannanesburg City Parks and Zoo.

JCPZ is mandated by the City of Johannesburg to manage the City’s cemeteries, parks and designated public open spaces as well as to ensure that its environmental conservation function is carried out, which includes the maintenance of all street and park trees within the City’s borders, the Zoo with the preservation and management of biodiversity through direct conservation action, education, research and recreation.

The organisation has a growing portfolio in excess of 20 000 ha of green open spaces and 3.2 million trees (public spaces). Currently, the Zoo has 326 species consisting of 2 096 specimens housed within 54ha area. The collection consist of 20 Amphibia (Frogs), 5 Arachnida (Spiders), 128 Aves (Birds), 47 Reptilia (Reptiles), 25 Osteichthyes (Pisces- Fish) and 101 Mammalia (Mammals).

The company operated with an operational budget of R 692.8million, a capital development budget of R102.2 million and a staff complement of 1 563 permanent employees.

Vision: A Joburg that is environmentally sustainable and liveable.

Mission: To develop, maintain and conserve public open spaces, cemeteries and the Zoo for present and future generations.

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