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City Parks news

Juweel Park in Region E is situated along the Klein Jukskei Spruit. Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo during the week of Valentine’s Day showed love and awareness to this area by removing alien invasive plant species.

A 54km & 22km urban ride through the heart of the biggest urban forest in the World, our city Johannesburg! 

Cross over rivers and crawl under roads through tunnels and experience Joburg’s popular adventure run.

World Wetland Day (WWD) is celebrated globally on 2 February to highlight the importance of wetlands.

All tip-offs remain anonymous. "Together with you residents' help, we are certain that we can put illegal dumping in the City to an end..

Wetlands produce rice and this source of food is the staple diet of nearly 3 billion people - half the world's population.

Visitors to the Johannesburg Zoo can look forward to a multi-story car park that is nearing completion.

The smart bench installed at Metro Park in the Inner City of Johannesburg is Wi-Fi enabled, can be used to charge mobile gadgets whilst simultaneously acting as seating, shade and a safe place for people to digitally interact in an open space.

One of the best birding spots in Johannesburg, the Beaulieu Bird Sanctuary is situated in a gated community in Kylami.

The tree that Nelson Mandela planted at Thokoza Park in 2008 declared a Champion Tree.

CONSERVATION - The zoo has been involved in an indigenous sheep breeding conservation project since 2007. The aim is to increase the population of Bapedi and Zulu Sheep.

Two blue cranes have been released in a Fourways Nature Reserve in an estate. The pair were kept at the Ruitkuil Conservation and Breeding Farm in Parys and moved to their new home yesterday.

Saturday 29 October, the Gauteng Model Boat Club will be holding an open exhibition day at Emmarentia Dam. 

One year ago, on a fateful Sunday, 2 loving couples went to church and then decided to visit Rhodes Park. They were enjoying a beautiful evening at this exact site, in the park when they were approached by a group of at least 8 individuals who robbed them of their belongings and then tied up Mr Zukisa Kela and Mr Sizwe Tyeke before forcing them into the dam. Two young lives with so many possibilities were subsequently lost to the world, on this day, a year ago…

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo the custodians of green heritage observed National Invasive Species Week 2016 at Hercules Rd Heldekruin in Roodepoort. The awareness created is aimed at eradicating species that threaten our ecosystems particularly our scarce water resources; food security, our livelihoods and our economy.

An evergreen tree growing 5-10m high, black wattle has dark olive-green finely hairy leaves. Pale yellow or cream spherical flowers in large fragrant sprays blooming from August to September. Fruits are dark brown, finely haired pods.

A large, broad-leaved shrub with velvety stems and leaves growing up to 4m high. Leaves: Dull green leaves that are velvety above and white-felty beneath which emit a strong noxious smell when crushed.

A very distinctive plant with green, spreading star-shaped leaves and tall, spiky fruit capsules.

An untidy spreading shrub with four-angled stems and often with thorns growing up to 2m or higher. Leaves: Oval, dark green, rough, hairy leaves which are paler below.

The Johannesburg Zoo’s 16 crocodiles were let out of their winter hot house and indulged in a lamb carcass, their first meal in three months.

It’s not an everyday phenomenon that you get to meet a Siberian tiger cub up close and personal but at the Joburg Zoo, we make those every day little miracles happen.

Dear Valued Resident Association and Stakeholder, As many of you are aware, Spruit day is heading into its 3rd year of existence. Many hours of preparation and effort went into making 2014 and 2015 a success.

We are on a mission to extend Joburg’s urban forest, focussing on planting trees in the southern suburbs of the City to ensure that it matches its greener sister in the north.

Be part of the #TREEVOLUTION

Most of you know that Joburg is considered to be one of the biggest man-made forests in the world, however, this is only seen in the affluent northern side.

Schools in Johannesburg were treated to a fun filled day of science at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens Environmental Education Center.

Schools in Johannesburg were treated to a fun filled day of science at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens Environmental Education Center.

Global Supplies has been at the cutting edge of delivering top class products and services to the wildlife industry for the last 16 years.

Joburg City Parks and Zoo will be co-hosting two flagship activations on Nelson Mandela Day 2016 in order to help better the lives of the most vulnerable among us in the City of Joburg.

Johannesburg Zoo is saddened by the loss of Vidor, its popular 16-year-old lion, who succumbed to age-related illnesses at midday on Wednesday, 13 July.

Joburg City Parks calls on residents NOT to fell or vandalise trees on roadsides and other public areas at their own discretion.