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Media Statement

Date: Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Joburg is abuzz this time of the year. The weather is good, the festive fever is high and everyone has a skip in their step. Summer breezes in, with long days and warm nights, the perfect recipe to be spending outdoors in any of the parks in Mzanzi.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ), the custodians of greening in the city has prepared the parks for all its users this summer. Lawns are lush and green, trees provide the perfect spot for picnics and braais and there is ample space for children to run around and enjoy the safe play equipment. With over 2 300 parks and approximately 10 000 hectares of green nature experiences, Joburgers are spoilt for choice this silly season.

But what happens after a day of fun in the park? Do you leave your litter strewn all over your park, or do you choose to leave your picnic site spotless? Sadly, JCPZ has had to use its already stretched resources to pick up piles of litter, especially after a public holiday or weekend.

Just as concerning are the number of users that visit the zoo, who are still not disposing the litter in the bins provided. This can be fatal for the animals if a packet or container is ingested by an animal.

To increase awareness, City Parks and Zoo is enhancing its anti-littering awareness campaign to impress on park and Zoo users’ the need to value the environment and to encourage positive use. JCPZ is urging users to take ownership, and to properly dispose or recycle all litter.

Litter is an eyesore; impacts on the health of our loved ones as it attracts pests like rodents, mosquitoes and cockroaches; impacts on economic growth; takes away our civic pride; attracts further littering and dampens community spirit, leaving one with a sense of hopelessness.

The City of Joburg spends billions of Rands annually in its efforts to keep our city clean. The environmental impact is dire as well, as rubbish dumped in wetlands, lakes and rivers running through green spaces, has an adverse effect on the city’s biodiversity.

As more people will be flocking to parks this holiday, JCPZ urges residents not to litter in parks and to please obey all park safety by-laws. Transgressions can be reported to the Joburg Emergency Call Centre on 011 375 5911 or to the rangers on 011 472 6539.

“The cost to remove illegally disposed of litter and rubble, invariably takes away from the city using these much needed resources to build a more vibrant Joburg. City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) as the custodians of parks and open spaces, will have litter-picking staff and emergency teams in place over the festive season, however the onus is on users to keep these spaces clean and vibrant” stated Bryne Maduka, the Managing Director of Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo.

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