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City of Johannesburg Media Advisory by
MMC for Community Development, Cllr Nonhlanhla Sifumba

It’s time to step out of the winter blues and into your park. Summer is here and what better way to spend a lazy afternoon on stretches of green lawns, shady trees and crisp fresh air.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo, the champions of greening and open spaces in the City of Joburg, offers residents state of the art parks this summer. We continue to roll out liveable green open spaces, providing memorable experiences of the great outdoors.

Here are a few parks in your area to choose from:



Diepsloot Park is a favourite for residents living in and around this park. Quite large in size, the park offers users the popular free-to-use outdoor Quite large in size, the park offers users the popular free-to-use outdoor gym, swings, slides, round-abouts, a mini soccer field, a place reserved for indigenous games and park furniture. The shady trees are a sure winner for those long summer days where residents can bring along a blankie and picnic on the grassy lawns. The park is situated at King Senzangakhona Drive, Diepsloot West.

Ivory Park, also popular with its users is spacious and full of life. The park boasts park benches, picnic and braai facilities, a state-of-the-art children's play area with rubberised surfaces, an outdoor gym, fitness track, and mini-soccer pitch. This park has big open spaces for gatherings, screenings and amenities for corporate events. Find your park on Ho Chi Min Street, Ivory Park Ext 8.

Mayibuye Park offers residents ample space for relaxing under relatively large trees with a mini soccer field, modern play equipment and a braai area. Visit your park on Bhokoda Street, a stone's throw from Mayibuye Primary School, Midrand. The park can be found on Corner Edmond Shezi and Ngwingwi Streets, Mayibuye.



Alberts Farm Conservancy is one of the jewels of Joburg and is the second-biggest green lung in our City. The Park is perfect for runners, cyclists and those who prefer to walk. It is common for the avid kite flyers, with large shady trees for picnicking. With its spectacular view of Joburg, its ridges draw many nature trails on early crisp mornings. The wetland and marshy areas are home to approximately 130 species of birds, indigenous shrubs and plants. The fresh spring water and stream bring tranquillity to users. The park also hosts park runs every Saturday morning. Visit this nook at 8th Street in Greymont.

Sophiatown Xtreme Park is a fully fledged park in a densely populated area in Westdene, and is ideally situated and accessible to all living in the area. It boasts paved pathways, landscaped lawns and trees, a mini-soccer field and a fenced play area with modern play equipment. Residents regularly pack picnic blankies with family and friends on lazy afternoons. The park also offers a free-to-use gym, park furniture, benches, braai area and bins. The park can be found on 76 Gold St, Sophiatown.

Westdene Dam and Park, a tranquil haven for the peace seeking users, is ideal for picnicking, taking a stroll and enjoying the dam. With large shady trees and landscaped lawns, the dam also boasts recently installed free-to-gym equipment and state of the art play equipment for the little ones. The dam and park are securely fenced for added security. Visit the park on 14 Lewes Road, Westdene.

Delta Park is a lush, green 13-hectare lung in the North of Joburg, between Victory Park, Craighall and Blairgowrie. The park is expansive for those who love long walks or taking a run or just a stroll with their dogs. The massive trees provide tranquility and a peaceful nook away from the buzzing City. The Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary is a 7.5-hectare space within Delta Park and is one of the oldest bird sanctuaries in the City. The sanctuary is securely fenced and boasts over 250 species of birds. Bird watchers pride themselves in spotting bishops, weavers, owls and the scarce kingfisher.

Emmarentia Dam and Johannesburg Botanical Garden are beautifully connected with both providing residents with stretches of lawn, trees for picnicking and ample space for dog walkers, joggers or those who prefer a bike ride. The overlooking dam and home to many ducks, geese and other bird species, brings a sense of peace to all its visitors. Popular for its water sports such as canoeing, boat sailing and rowing, the dam area is abuzz with avid members of canoe and rowing clubs.

The Johannesburg Botanical Gardens is an 81-hectare green haven. The large, grassy open spaces with trees is also popular for hosting concerts and kite-flying competitions. An ideal space for runners, picnicking and dog walking, the Bot Gardens boast themed gardens such as the Herb Garden, the Hedge Garden, the Succulent Garden, the Shakespeare Garden, the Rose Garden, the Chapel Garden and the Arboretum (a collection composed exclusively of trees). The Herb Garden contains aromatic plants, which have medicinal benefits, culinary uses and cosmetic purposes. The Hedge Garden consists of 58 species of hedges, and the Succulent Garden, which may be visited only by appointment, is planted with more than 2 500 species of succulent. The Arboretum has a variety of indigenous and exotic trees, including Californian Redwoods, Silver Birches and English oaks. The Shakespeare Garden features herbs which the English playwright referred to in his works. Adjacent to the Shakespeare Garden is the beautiful terraced Rose Gardens which is planted with over 4500 rose bushes. To the east of the Rose Garden is the Chapel Garden, which is often used by bridal parties for wedding photography. Visit the Emmarentia Dam and Johannesburg Botanical Gardens in Thomas Bowler, Orange and The Braids roads. The park is open from 6am – 6pm. Braaing and open fires are not permitted.

Zoo Lake Another popular green haven for its users, Zoo Lake is strewn with beautiful lawns, trees aged over 110 years and ample space for easy breathing, is great for picnicking relaxing outdoors.

The park is located just off Jan Smuts Avenue in Parkview and right across the road from Johannesburg Zoo. Park users have an array of activities to entertain themselves, from play equipment, an option of paddling your boat across the man-made lake or doing what South Africans do best, braaing - at designated areas.

The Zoo Lake hosts the much-anticipated annual Jazz on the Lake on the first Sunday of every September. The park is home away from home for many visitors over weekends and public holidays. For sports enthusiasts, the well-maintained basketball courts, Zoo Lake sports club, a mini-soccer area and the much adored Zoo Lake swimming pool are ideal for those hot summer days. Children can enjoy a stroll along the lake while feeding the ducks or enjoy the day on the jungle gyms and play equipment, while joggers and dog-walkers enjoy ample space in the park. Zoo Lake has become a meeting place of South African diversity and was rated the number 1 picnic spot in Joburg in The Star Reader’s Choice Awards in 2018.

Melville Koppies Nature Reserve, commonly known as Melville Koppies is a ridge approximately 6km from the City centre and close to the trendy and popular 7th Avenue in Melville. An official World Heritage Site, Melville Koppies is of historical significance as it was discovered that people lived there since the Stone Age, about 2.9 billion years ago. This conservation area, with its rocky footpaths, leads to the most beautiful panoramic views one can experience in the City. It boasts a variety of plants, birdlife, insects, snakes and other smaller animals. The greenstone rock, one of the oldest rocks on earth, can be found on the top of the koppies. Melville Koppies is popular for its hiking clubs and trail walking. Visit the Koppies on 4 Judith Street, Emmarentia, Johannesburg.



Thokoza Park is a favourite for the residents of Soweto. Its lush green lawns, large decade old trees, paved footpaths and modern playground equipment and the Moroka Dam running through it, is a 4.5-hectare space popularly enjoyed by all. Thokoza Park is perfectly set for summer picnics, family braais and spending time in the great outdoors. The lawns are pristine with park benches, bins and enough shaded trees for a lazy afternoon with family and friends. Children can enjoy frolicking in the park, feeding the ducks or exploring nature across from busy streets.

Thokoza Park’s main attraction is the large mural of Tata Nelson Mandela where the great leader planted a tree in 2008, in celebration of Arbor Month. Today, the Celtis Africana, or white stinkwood, stands strong and tall at almost 8 metres and has been declared a Champion Tree and a Heritage Site by the Gauteng Provincial Heritage Resources Authority (PHRA-G). The tree is protected and may not be cut, distributed or damaged sold or transported without permission from the department. This milestone places Thokoza Park and Soweto on the tourist map. With secure parking and ablution facilities, Thokoza Park is the place to enjoy the long summer days ahead. Visit the park at 1682 Ntuli Street, Moroka, Soweto.

Dorothy Nyembe Park is a vast 26-hectare green space named after Dorothy Nyembe, one of the struggle's heroines - a political activist and women's rights campaigner born in 1931 and who died in Umlazi in 1998. This park in Mofolo North in Soweto stands out with its unusual sculpted tall figurines with outstretched arms, welcoming all who visit it. An environmental education centre is home to learners from various schools in Soweto. The surrounding dams, sports facilities, trees and lawns are ideal nooks for the residents in the area. Dorothy Nyembe Park scooped the prestigious United Nations Liveable Communities Award in the natural build project category, taking gold at the awards. Visit your park off Roodepoort Road onto Main Road in Mofolo North in Soweto.

Mofolo Park is popular for its music concerts, jazz festivals, carnivals, markets and the like. Its ancient proscenium arch stage covered in rainbow colours is the perfect venue for the arts, exhibitions and local plays. The park is also known for evening concerts when good weather permits where visitors bring along their camp chairs, picnic baskets and braais. The park boasts a soccer field, ablution facilities and play equipment for the young ones. Bring along your family and friends for a day in the park, find it at 1209 Mzilikazi Street, Mofolo Central in Soweto Smaller pocket parks namely Pimville and Pennyville Park, equally boast green spaces for their residents.

Pimville Park has ample shady trees for picnics, landscaped lawns, park furniture, mini soccer field, a basketball court, bins and a fence around the park.

Pennyville Park has swings, a mini soccer field, seating places, water taps, an irrigation system, traditional games spots, pathways and landscaped picnic areas.

For more parks in your area, please visit: “Joburg City Parks and Zoo, as the custodians of parks and open spaces, oversees more than 2 343 parks in Joburg. These parks serve as an environmental green lung, providing residents with green open spaces to relax and enjoy the outdoors. We urge users to take care of their parks and own them,” stated the MMC for Community Development, Councillor Nonhlanhla Sifumba.

Although City Parks and Zoo works hard to make our parks safe, opportunistic crime exists, and we encourage all to be vigilant and involved.

Below are a few tips to ensure that your visits to Johannesburg parks are safe and enjoyable:


  • Break plants, trees or park equipment.
  • Start a fire in a restricted area.
  • Take your dog off its leash.
  • Be disrespectful towards other park users.


  • Adhere to signage in the parks.
  • Stay alert.
  • Report any wrongdoing in your park.
  • Respect your local surroundings.
  • Watch the weather.
  • Remember that safety is a personal responsibility.
  • Visit parks in group if possible.
  • Talking on your mobile phone in a public place makes you vulnerable.


Residents are urged to obey all park safety by-laws and to report transgressions to the Joburg Emergency Call Centre on 011 375 5911.

Parks go a long way in building social harmony within communities, while developing civic ownership, where people are drawn to supporting, caring and protecting one another.




Issued by
Councillor Nonhlanhla Sifumba
Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development

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Noeleen Mattera - Stakeholder, PR & Media Relations
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