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All the news from City Parks and Zoo, including its Mid-term and Annual reports.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo Annual Reports 2014/15

Statement of Financial Position [pdf 2.29mb]
Corporate Risk Register [xls 257kb]

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo Mid-term Reports 2014/15

Mid-term Report [pdf 1.8mb]
Balance Sheet [xls 24kb]
Consolidated Budget Report [xls 90kb]

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo Annual Reports 2013/14

Annual Report [pdf 2.9mb]
Report of the Auditor General [pdf 224kb]
Statement of Financial Position [pdf 2.8mb]

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo Mid-term Report 2013/14

Mid-term Report [pdf 2.5mb]


 Additional publications 

logo 100 71Application form for use of a public park [pdf 124kb]
An application for permission to hold an event in a Public Park.



logo 100 71Service Delivery Agreement [pdf 4.3mb]
Between The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municpality and Johannanesburg City Parks and Zoo.



innovatingInnovating knowledge in the City [pdf 3.7mb]
Joburg Innovation and Knowledge Exchange documents achievements and lessons from the City’s various initiatives and programmes during 2011 and 2012.



case study 3Case Study 3: [pdf 660kb]
No one could anticipate that the first outdoor gym would be as wildly successful as it turned out to be. Find out more in this Case Study by the Joburg Innovation and Knowledge Exchange team.


greening sowetoGreening Soweto: [pdf 4.1mb]



preventing fraudFraud Prevention Booklet: [pdf 642kb]
This booklet seeks to educate all JCPZ stakeholder i.e. employees, suppliers/service providers and members of the public on the issues of fraud and corruption. It also informs the stakeholders on JCPZ stance towards fraud and corruption.


90 days90 days Accelerated Service Deliver Programme Newsletter: July to September 2011: [pdf 1mb]
The 90 days Accelerated Service Delivery Programme launched was to make a visible difference in the City during the first three months of the new Mayoral term.



cemetries brochureCemetries Brochures:
The conservation, upkeep and maintenance of the City's 35 cemeteries and three crematoria are a dedicated business at Johannesburg City Parks. Read more about the history and upkeep of cemeteries and crematoria in the Johannesburg City Parks Cemeteries Brochure.  



event calendarEvents calendar:
Find out what City Parks has planned throughout the year.