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International Wetlands Day is celebrated internationally every February to create awareness about the importance of wetlands to our environment.

Join City Parks in celebrating wetlands for our future

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo will be hosting two events around wetlands this month:

  • On 18 February, learners, officials and residents of Dobsonville will gather at Dorothy Nyembe Park in Soweto to clean up the wetlands and learn about their uses. Alien Invasive species will also be removed along the waterway to ensure natural flow.
  • On 26 February, learners have been invited to the Zoo to learn about wetland animals.

How you can celebrate:

  • Post about wetlands on your social platforms using #Wetlands
  • Visit, clean and be inspired by a wetland.

Why wetlands matter

The Ramsar Convention defines a wetland as any land area that is saturated or flooded with water, either permanently or seasonally.  More than a billion people depend on wetlands for a living. Wetlands host a diverse range of jobs.

Wetlands are essential for humans to live and prosper. They provide fresh water and ensure our food supply. They help sustain the wide variety of life on our planet. Wetlands are natural sponges against river flooding and store carbon dioxide.

Wetlands also clean the water by filtering out sedimentation, decomposing vegetative matter and converting chemicals into useable form. They are vital to the health of all other biomes and to wildlife and humans everywhere.

Info on wetlands can be referred to:

Mosa Rametse
011 989 3367

Complaints on wetlands can be referred to:

Mulalo Mbedzi
011 791 1117