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New Killarney resident Dischem has donated medical equipment in support of the Zoo's upcoming veterinary hospital upgrade.

Dischem's new store in Killarney Mall
Dischem's new store in Killarney Mall.

Did you know that the first animal hospital at Joburg Zoo was built in 1936? In the late 1960s a new, modern hospital was built to replace it, and in the 1990s extensive renovations were done to the existing structure.

In 2015 the Zoo hospital is once again undergoing a major upgrade in order to be able to provide the highest standard of care to the Zoo's inhabitants.

The hospital will have more ward space, enabling it to house sick or injured animals in the best enclosures to allow for minimum stress and promote successful recuperation.

Dischem, a leading specialist in beauty, health food, sport supplements, health and well-being, and one of South Africa's most reliable brands, opened another store in Killarney Mall late last year. Towards demonstrating its commitment to the communities within which it operates, it donated three portable blood pressure machines, as well as three humidifiers and electric thermometers, to the Zoo for its upgraded veterinary hospital.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo expresses its gratitude to Dischem for this contribution, which will make a significant difference to the Zoo's animals. We wish Dischem the very best for their new store!