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The purpose of Earth Day (#EarthDay2015) is to help to keep our grass green and our skies blue with more trees and less pollution. Earth Day was made for another reason, to focus the nation on its ecological problems. People need to use their streets and sidewalks, so we cannot have them littered with trash. Keeping our parks clean is another highlight for Earth Day; volunteers would clean parks and streets. We would like to encourage the community to restore our beautiful earth.

Plant some native trees, shrubs or flowering plants in your yard. To find out which plants hail from (and therefore do best in) your neck of the woods, explore nearby parks, nature reserves and native-plant nurseries.How can you contribute towards World Earth Day?

  • Leave your car at home and walk every chance you get. As you go along, pay attention to the life around you - birds, insects, trees, flowers, even the plants we call weeds.
  • Take part in adopting of environmental sensitive areas (river, wetlands, etc.) contribute positively and caring for their existence
  • Be a member of Friends of Environmental sensitive area and partake or contribute positively to their existence
  • There are various organization or non-profit organization facilitating environmental awareness campaign, disseminating information, advocating on environmental protection – animal rehabilitation centres, and empowering community to make informed decision pertaining environmental management
  • Act responsible towards the upkeep of the environment (reduce littering, practice reduce, reuse, recycle, switching off electric appliance not in use, fixing leaking taps, reducing the wastage of water, reduce pollution, use of public transport or lift clubs to curb carbon emission or walking instead of using lifts or cars, tree planting, develop and design environmental messages/posters/brochures/flyers, etc, environmental volunteers)

As part of the movement, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo will contribute by:

  • Controlling reeds
  • Rehabilitating wetlands
  • Planting trees at the Ikage Primary School in Alexandra
  • Educating learners on the importance of preserving the earth that we live in
  • Removing logs, litter and debris control along the water course
  • Ensure maintenance along river trails
  • Controlling terrestrial alien plants