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Crocodile feeding sessions, Know Your Reptiles Tours, Python Show & Tells and more - don't miss out on Reptile Month at the Zoo.

Exciting activities lined up for Reptile Month
Get to know your reptiles at Joburg Zoo.

IT'S REPTILE Month at the Joburg Zoo, with a range of exciting activities on offer on weekends through November to help visitors get better acquainted with the Zoo's scaly-skinned, cold-blooded inhabitants.

Starting at Crocodile Country, you can take the opportunity to attend a crocodile feeding session, which includes an informative talk by the crocodile keeper. The public sessions take place on Sundays only, starting at 1pm.

At the Animals of the Amazon exhibit, the Know Your Reptiles guided tour will introduce you to the different reptiles housed at the Zoo, including their habits, habitats, interesting facts and more. The tour takes place at 2pm every Saturday and Sunday in November.

Moving on the Reptile House, you can take in a live Show & Tell session featuring the albino or ball python, bearded dragon and corn snake. This takes place at 3pm, also on every Saturday and Sunday through November.

And at the same venue between 9am and 3.30pm on weekends, there'll be a Reptile Biofact Display featuring snake skins, skeletons, posters and fact sheets.

Wrapping up Reptile Month, on Sunday, 30 November members of the public are invited to a delicious breakfast with Timothy the reptile keeper, which will include a special presentation followed by a behind-the-scenes feeding session tour of the Animals of the Amazon exhibit and a live demo with the ball python. Bookings essential - full details will be published on the website soon.