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If you're on Twitter, and you want to get the inside story straight from the source, follow BG, the world's first tweeting animal. BG is a honey badger at Joburg Zoo, and his handle is @zootweetslive – true story.

BG is the world's first LIVE Tweeting badgerBG is the world's first LIVE Tweeting badgerWITH 2 154 followers in just a few weeks, BG is racing up the popularity stakes. BG, Joburg Zoo's tweeting honey badger, has been on Twitter since 14 June, tweeting about his daily life – and he's getting pretty good at it too.

From his first tweet: "Aiughbaisjdsdn a aohnasdjaknsdam,sdn howdoesthiswork?anyone?djbasdmd....", to "Did you know the backward bending ‘knee' of a flamingo's leg is actually the bird's ankle? #crazyasslegs" and "Snack time! #omnomnomnivore", BG has really got a handle on this tweeting business. But he's always had a sense of humour: "N a`zdjnxkax wq…is my English on? Are my words working? You have no idea how hard it is tweeting with these claws" to "Sometimes having an acute sense of smell isn't that great. Time to change that diaper mom. #holymoly". BG is a funny guy.

He tweets about his day-to-day life, keeping his followers up-to-date on what is going on at the zoo. He is also big on education: did you know, for example, that slugs have four noses, that bees have five eyes, that porcupine means "he who rises up in anger", or that when a horned toad is angry, it can squirt blood from its eyes? Indeed, BG uses Twitter to teach his followers a lot of interesting little facts between his funny take on life in his enclosure.

The zoo's honey badger is the first animal in the world to use the digital space to publicise his ever busy life. BG, who is in the dark about his growing fame online, began tweeting on 14 June after a hi-tech system was developed and installed by the Draftfcb-owned digital agency, Hellocomputer, at several spots in his enclosure.

It is connected wirelessly to an on-site base station located just outside his enclosure. BG was chosen to be the first tweeter because he is quite active during the day and night. Motion-triggered animal friendly sensors keep track of his movements wherever he is in the enclosure and send relevant tweets.

Several of BG's tweets focus on his walks around the zoo, mealtimes, playtime and the latest juicy titbits from his neighbours. The gadgets that keep an eye on BG's movements are quite small and unobtrusive and have been attached at the highest points to prevent him from meddling.

Follow BG, share his life, laugh at his jokes; his Twitter handle is @zootweetslive or search for #tweetingbadger. He is also on You Tube.

The zoo is part of Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo.