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Far from the public eye, the Joburg Zoo carries out valuable work breeding endangered species, as well as high-value animals to help it continue its conservation programmes. Rietkuil Research Farm is a fascinating place.

IN the heart of a World Heritage Site in the Free State sits Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo’s conservation and research farm.The Rietkuil Research Farm in the Free State

Based in Parys, and within the Vredefort Dome, is the Rietkuil Research Farm. The Vredefort Dome is the largest meteorite impact crater found on Earth – at 300km in width is it nearly twice the size of the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Rietkuil Farm is a 694ha facility that focuses on biodiversity conservation and the breeding of endangered species. It is also here that surplus animals from the zoo are housed.

There are a number of antelope and carnivore camps on the property. In addition, high value species are bred at the farm, offering Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo additional means of income.

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