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Media Statement
Thursday, 17 September 2015
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Take a walk in the park…

The eighth annual World Parks Day on 19 September gives every one of us the opportunity to celebrate our parks and green spaces.

EDBG1As the champions of greening in the City of Joburg, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo invites all citizens to pack a picnic basket and head to their nearest park this Saturday.

Parks and green lungs play a critical role in significantly improving the wellbeing of people living in cities. It is commonly known that high density, high rise residences and infrastructural developments within cities ultimately cause anxiety. Green spaces and parks reduce daily stresses of life where the presence of trees, grass, birdlife and natural surroundings, bring calmness to those who frequent these green spaces and the outdoors. Research has proven that being close to nature relieves mental fatigue, encourages healthier living and vitality and brings about community and social cohesion.

Parks are critical in creating sustainable, liveable and vibrant cities which lead to the formation of social ties, the foundation of strong, secure neighbourhoods where people are drawn to supporting, caring and protecting one another.

Parks are essential in preserving ecological functions as they protect biodiversity of plants, animals and the environment. The value of urban green spaces is increased through strategic design and implementation.

EDBG2The City of Johannesburg, through its Corridors of Freedom has linked parks, greenways, water bodies, transportation and infrastructure for the greater benefit of its citizens. “City Parks and Zoo continues to build parks for the people with the people”, stated the Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development in the City of Joburg, Councillor Chris Vondo.

Vondo, appealed to residents to take pride and care for the parks in Joburg. “Parks serve as places of safety, healthy living and social harmony for communities that have limited recreation facilities, and we need to vigilantly guard against these spaces being taken over by undesirable elements,” he added.


Issued on behalf of Councillor Chris Vondo
Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development in the City of Joburg

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