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Region F

The Wilds – Meandering footpaths and walkways lead you through this beautiful area with its abundance of indigenous shrubs, plants and trees.

Rhodes Park – A marvellous mix of stepping stones and railway sleepers leads you through the park - along the lanes, over the waterfalls, through thickets and past beautiful ponds.

Joubert Park – Joubert Park is the city's oldest park, granted by the Volksraad in 1887, and named after the town's first mining commissioner sent to investigate the claims of gold rush fortune seekers.

Wemmer Pan/Pioneer Park – The highlighted musical fountain fills evenings with a touch of magic, boat cruises are a great way to spend weekends, and an adventure park is ideal for children.

Kliprivierberg Nature Reserve – Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, 11km south of Joburg city centre, is a 680 hectare nature reserve, known as "Stone River Mountain". The reserve is home to 150 bird species, 600 plant species, wildlife, including blesbok, zebra and duiker, as well as a rich archaeological site.

Zakariyyia Park – This Park has swings, a soccer field, seating place, water taps, an irrigation system, traditional games spots, pathways and landscaped picnic areas.