Custodians of Joburg's green heritage

At the apex of the mandate informing the work of the JCPZ lies the South African Constitution which requires that all spheres of government work together to address poverty, underdevelopment, marginalisation of individuals and communities and other legacies of apartheid and discrimination.

More specifically, the mandate of JCPZ is framed by the COJ GDS 2040 and the aligned priorities for the first decade of the GDS which are then further articulated in the COJ 2013 – 2016 IDP.

In this context, the mandate of JCPZ is set out in the Shareholder Agreement and is defined as:

The provision, preservation and management of open spaces, biodiversity, environmental and conservation services through education, research, direct conservation action and recreation with a focus on the zoo, parks and cemeteries.

Based on the above mandate, the JCPZ’s vision, mission and values have then been formulated to provide overall direction and inspiration in meeting and exceeding the objectives of the mandate.