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Johannesburg is hosting the One Young World Summit, a gathering of the most exceptional young leaders on the planet. The focus is on finding solutions to local, regional and global challenges, with a special focus on education and sustainable development.

One Young World Summit 2013THE One Young World Summit 2013 is coming to Joburg in October, when the world's most exceptional minds will gather in one of the world's most extraordinary cities.

About 1 500 leading young people from around the world will attend the summit. These young delegates will work together to find solutions to local, regional and global challenges, with a special focus on education, business, health care, sustainable development, human rights, transparency and good governance.

The City of Joburg is the proud host of the One Young World Summit 2013. The summit, which will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre from 2 to 5 October, intends to give brilliant young minds a voice so that they can share wisdom and insights on common global challenges. It's a place where the leaders of tomorrow can meet today.

Joburg aims to be a leader in the establishment of sustainable and eco-efficient infrastructure solutions, including housing, eco-mobility, energy, water, waste, sanitation, information and communications technology. Ultimately, the aim is to create a landscape that is liveable, environmentally resilient, sustainable and supportive of low-carbon economy initiatives. Its City Parks and Zoo department has a mandate to focus on Joburg's environment and green spaces, making it a well-placed partner in hosting the summit.

Its overall objective for bio-diversity conservation and management is to enhance human development and well-being through sustainable use of biological resources and equitable sharing of benefits. Other elements of sustainable development include:

  • Climate change resilience and environmental protection;
  • Making the built environment more energy efficient;
  • Investing in more "green infrastructure"; and,
  • Working towards bio-diversity and ecological protection.

The opening ceremony

The Founders will greet the 2013 delegation at FNB Stadium in Soweto, Johannesburg, where they will be joined by thousands of young people from local schools.

Following traditional South African entertainment, including the Soweto Gospel Choir and South African National Youth Orchestra, Johannesburg Executive Mayor Mpho Franklyn Parks Tau will welcome delegates.

The One Young World Counsellors will be introduced and will remain on stage as 190 members of the delegation, each bearing the national flag of their country, will take part in the symbolic Flag-laying Ceremony.

Kofi Annan and Sir Bob Geldof will be the keynote speakers.