The Johannesburg Zoo’s 16 crocodiles were let out of their winter hot house and indulged in a lamb carcass, their first meal in three months.


 The Nile Crocodile’s habitat is not adapted to Johannesburg’s cold winters, so the reptile keepers move them into the “hot house” with a regulated temperature control of 26 degrees which keeps them warm and cozy.

With the warmer weather arriving in September the enclosure doors were opened for them to explore outside and claim their territory. Reptile Curator Ian Du Plessis and team organised an enrichment feeding session by throwing in a lamb carcass and encouraging the crocodiles to catch, grab, rip, turn and devour their first meal since June. Visit the Zoo on Sundays at 13:00 and watch the crocodiles being fed, while listening to an informative talk by the keeper